15. March 2018
In 2016 I made a series of leadership mistakes that could have been avoided if I had of seen the warning signs, kept the ego in check and exercised some humility. The Storming stage was stuck on repeat and the rest of the team was walking on egg shells. The experience was valuable to my personal leadership journey and gives me a great example when I am coaching leaders, but there was a heavy price to pay.
30. December 2017
Is there a need to continue to reset to a basic level of training each calendar year, or is it the leadership team’s own insecurities that drives the training continuum backwards each year?
02. September 2017
Common reading generates common understanding. Reading lists are a cornerstone of professional development and give others insight into how you think and what inspires you. At times reading lists can be more like a catalogue of accomplishments than a list of texts that will encourage personal professional development.